Gravity (overhead hoppers/ top fill hatches); through doors/ false bulkhead (using screw or belt conveyors, paddle or belt throwers or pneumatic systems).

Top or end fill/ discharge spouts aligned with container & aperture hatches in false bulkheads or openable ends for fork truck access. Fabric end facings combined with rigid bars act as a false bulkhead with zipped, wide-mouth filling opening.

Filling/ discharging spouts or configurations available to suit loading and unloading facilities.

Made of heavy duty woven polypropylene fabric with reinforcement bar loops to position metal bars at discharge end. Designed with one container door closed for easy load/ discharge. Bulkheads with conventional steel bars for positioning enables easy liner fitting, loading and discharge.
Very effective for hides and other obnoxious commodities. Low-cost liner without roof, helping reduce the delay in container reuse due to handling.
Made of Woven fabric with reflective laminate to protect cargo from temperature fluctuations
End-fill liners, supported with wooden/ steel & fabric bulkheads/ integrated fabric fronts supported by steel bars
  Filling & discharging sleeves located off-center to keep one door closed for additional support
Full width triangular discharge
Top fill & bottom discharge
Protective Drive in Liners