So, in order not to drag the team, river source strength support to climb up, in the camp outside the practice for half an hour the Wuqinxi, results and body pain reduction, reluctantly and keep up with the team, the team did not drag the hind legs, which had arranged all people back in his captain will be startled at. After this exercise every day after such as cheap nfl jerseys wholesale high intensity, and repeatedly practicing Wuqinxi, energy supply food and then team equipped with approved by the captain, he was one up, not just three months, his physical basically has kept pace with the average team. At the same time he also from a single team doctor, rapid growth, finally recognized all cheap nfl jerseys the players, to become cheap nfl jerseys nike one indispensable important member of the team. During this period, he also found that, with the increasingly sophisticated style, to practice, for the benefit of the body is also more and more; So, the river source is the envy of her style heat now, master these years practicing Wuqinxi, three years ago, when he left, he is nearly seventy years, is still like a forty or fifty year old man in general, this three years if not for his missing from attack, not just more than a day so, the old teenage. But the river source believe, as long as he now keep practicing, keep a good state of mind, I can return to the white hair re green, state. Yelia practiced a style, the house cheap nfl jerseys china was cheap nfl jerseys wholesale struck, river source and went to open the gate, is necessarily a rain this girl holding the two bowl stood in the doorway.


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